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Find Out How to Secure Your Kubernetes App Lifecycle

Give your developers the freedom to develop with agility without compromising network and container security. Maintain continuous compliance with Octarine Guardrails™, which guides developers with templates that automatically ensure that best practices are followed. Find out how Octarine empowers organizations to identify risks and automatically remediate them before they cause vulnerabilities in this paper. 

You Will Learn:

  • As organizations embrace Kubernetes for developing and deploying applications, they also embrace its philosophy of configuration-as-code.
  • Giving power to developers creates the need to monitor and enforce policy over those configuration changes to ensure that they do not introduce new security vulnerabilities that could potentially compromise the entire cluster.
  • Octarine’s frictionless solution, enables organizations to obtain enterprise-grade security for their Kubernetes-orchestrated applications and apply compliance templates, without slowing down the development and deployment process.